Use AutoDJ Before/After Live Streaming without disconnecting listeners

A Common Issue with ShoutCast Producers is that you want to switch to AutoDJ Before or After you've finished a Live Stream.

This will show you how to do this without disconnecting or losing any listeners.

1.Go to your CentovaCast Control Panel and Click Configure Server, Go to the AutoDJ Tab and click AutoDJ Status: ENABLED
2.Start Your Stream
3.You should hear your AutoDJ being heard on the stream.
4.Now, when you want to switch to a Live Broadcast, go to your CentovaCast Control panel, Click DeActivate Source (in the Server Control Section)
5.Now quickly connect using your Live Source and it will automatically switch without disconnecting your listeners.

NOTE: For Step 4, When you click Deactivate SOurce, your listeners will hear silence for a few seconds.
They won't be disconnected. If you want to play something between the time you press Deactivate Source and turning on your Live Stream Source,
you can use a fallback file in Configure Server > Files Tab. This will be played as soon as you deactivate the AutoDJ source, ensuring there is always
something playing.

NOTE: When AutoDJ is streaming, you can't start your Live Stream until you click Deactivate Source.
Otherwise you will be presented with a message, password failed.

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