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About Sky Host Web Solutions

Sky Host Web Solutions has been running since 2004. Providing the UK & the rest of the world with high quality web hosting services. We aim for the highest satisfaction rates for all our clients and that's why we are here today.

Sky Host Web Solutions helps you get online, and ensures you get the most out of your experience with us. We provide top quality interfaces, such as cPanel which lets you complete tasks within seconds. Our Dedicated Staff aims to respond within 24 hours or less for all tickets which are sent to us through our support portal. Our Team works on daily shifts, with our dedicated Server Team working 24/7.

Web Hosting has come along way since we have started in 2004. There are just so many companies to choose from. The reason why many clients go with us, is for the support we have given them. We promise to leave no one behind. We have clients from 2004 which are still with us today, and we only keep getting bigger!

Sky Host Web Solutions provides services for many of our client's as well. This includes the retail market and business sector. We have a range of services available, and not just the ones listed on our website. We have Email Solutions for businesses who want to manage their emails and many more features.

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